Staff & Board of Trustees

WVPD Staff

Executive Director: Nick Warner [email protected]

Parks Superintendent: Tim Larned [email protected]

Operations Manager: Lauren Chicote [email protected]

WVPD Board of Trustees

Burlington: Andrew Gregg

Colchester: Susan Gilfillan, Vice Chair

Essex: Jeffery Theis 

Essex Junction: George Tyler, Secretary 

Jericho: Sonja Schuyler, Chair

South Burlington: Larry Kupferman, Treasurer

Williston: Reid Willis 

Winooski: Bridget O’Brien 

The WVPD Board of Trustees meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 4:30pm, and will be held as a hybrid meeting with virtual and in-person options, unless otherwise noted. In-person meetings will be held at the WVPD’s offices at the Ethan Allen Homestead in Burlington. Virtual option will be held via Zoom. Please contact Executive Director, Nick Warner, at [email protected] for virtual join meeting information. Meeting agendas will be posted during the week prior to the meeting date. 

Next regularly scheduled meeting date: May 21, 2023 at 4:30pm. 

WVPD Trustee Meeting Dates 2024

Upcoming Meeting Agenda: 

2024 Meeting Minutes: 

DRAFT_4.16.24 WVPD Meeting Minutes

APPROVED_3.19.24 WVPD Meeting Minutes

APPROVED_2.20.24 WVPD Meeting Minutes

APPROVED_1.23.24 WVPD Meeting Minutes

2023 Meeting Minutes:

APPROVED_1.17.23 WVPD Minutes

APPROVED_2.28.23 WVPD Minutes

APPROVED_3.21.23 WVPD Minutes

APPROVED_4.18.23 WVPD Minutes

APPROVED_5.16.23 WVPD Minutes

APPROVED_6.27.23 WVPD Minutes

APPROVED_7.17.23 WVPD Minutes

APPROVED_8.15.23 WVPD Minutes

APPROVED_8.22.23 WVPD Special Meeting Minutes

APPROVED_9.19.23 WVPD Meeting Minutes

APPROVED_10.24.23 WVPD Meeting Minutes

APPROVED_11.28.23 WVPD Meeting Minutes

APPROVED_12.19.23 WVPD Meeting Minutes

Past Meeting Minutes: Minutes will be posted within five (5) days of the meeting date and kept on the website for up to one (1) year. If you wish to review minutes from past years please contact [email protected].

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