Due to the current situation in regards to the COVID-19 outbreak, WVPD will not be recruiting or working with volunteers until further notice.

As a non-profit organization, the Winooski Valley Park District relies heavily upon community support and volunteers to maintain a high level of ecological and environmental quality at the parks. The assistance the Park District receives from dedicated volunteers supports the Park District’s ultimate mission of land preservation and maintenance for human and wildlife enjoyment.

Contact the Park District or info@wvpd.org to learn more about our various volunteer opportunities.

Group Volunteers

Volunteers are needed year-round to assist with seasonally-appropriate projects. Typical volunteer opportunities include:

  • Invasive species management
  • Trail work and maintenance
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Planting trees or bulbs

    Volunteers from Youth Build improve access along the Riverwalk Trail at Salmon Hole in Burlington, Spring 2016. Photo credit: Tim Larned

  • Raking leaves
  • Park clean ups of trash & debris

Please contact the Park District to set up a project or volunteer work day that best suits your group’s abilities and timing.

Individual Volunteers

Although most of the Park District’s projects are best suited for several individuals working together, couples or individuals can contribute on an independent level. During the winter, the Park District needs individuals familiar with the parks and trails to ski or snowshoe trails shortly after snowfall in order to track them for enthusiasts who may follow. With minimal direction from Park District staff, individuals interested in volunteering in the fall can rake leaves at the various parks. Spring and summer hikers can remove and properly dispose of trash from along trails.

At any time of year, individuals with an interest in wildlife can use tracking keys to report wildlife signs to the Park District. Over the past several years, trained volunteers have been monitoring signs and tracks of wildlife at the parks. Tracking information helps identify sensitive habitat and guides us in the placement of trails and facilities. Similarly, birdwatchers can log bird counts as a part of the Park District’s wildlife surveying.

Individual volunteers are welcome to put their personal knowledge to use for the benefit of the Park District with the individual activities listed above. Individual volunteers may work independently and on their own schedule. Please contact the Park District with suggestions for additional independent volunteering activities or with any questions regarding recommended activities.

Internships and Special Projects

The Winooski Valley Park District invites students enrolled in area colleges and universities interested in natural resource-based internship opportunities. Trained and motivated students are always needed to help us inventory plant species, help with ecological management plans, track park usage, or assist with a range of other projects that are necessary for managing our parks.

Please contact the Park District to learn more regarding internship or special project opportunities.