Woodside Natural Area

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Woodside Natural Area

Map of WoodsideAccessible from Route 15, across from Fort Ethan Allen, Woodside Natural Area supports a diverse assortment of habitats and natural communities.

In the middle is a large beaver-impacted wetland that is a hot spot for bird activity. Visitors may be able to spot the eastern wood –peewee, wood duck, pileated woodpecker or Baltimore Oriole here. The Natural Area abounds with red and white oak, white and pitch pines, as well as red maple, witch hazel, white ash, basswood and black cherry.

Beginning of the Woodside trail.

This habitat supports a dense herb layer where the rare round-leaved tick trefoil, handsome sedge, and Minnesota sedge can be found.   With its diverse flora and fauna, this park is an ideal place to observe animal tracks in winter.

Enlarged Image of trail map: Map of Woodside