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Did you know that if you live in Burlington, Colchester, Essex, Winooski, or Williston, you actually own the Winooski Valley Park District lands? In 1972, during a county-wide building boom, the five communities joined to make sure we preserved natural areas in our region. These communities agreed to fund the Winooski Valley Park District to assure that we shared the value of managed parks and preserves. Some parks have recreational components and some are protected. Combined, they assure forests, fields, and wetlands will remain an important part of our region’s commitment to the environment.

What makes the Winooski Valley Park District different from other conservation groups is that the land is owned and managed by the communities jointly. Those communities decide where and how to preserve land in exchange for managing the properties. In short, we get to decide how we treat the landscape through the strategies of the Park District. Before we move forward, we need to understand what people value and how we should share that cost fairly.

That is where we need your help. It has been forty-five years since we formed and thirty years since we took a look at our mission. In order to begin our next round of master planning, we need input from you, the folks that own and support our organization through your local taxes.

Please help us out by completing the survey.  If you are interested, leave us your name so we can get a deeper understanding of what you value in our parks.

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